21 May 2020


The Government of Maldives today received a grant aid package from the Government of Japan aimed at assisting the country overcome the present challenges that are in place due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and to help the Maldives gear up towards recovery.

The grant aid package amounts to MVR 21,740,400 and will benefit the Government of Maldives and the Maldivian entrepreneurs, as it looks forward to opening up the economy post-lockdown. It will also enable greater investments to address and diversify the economic base, while exploring new avenues of entrepreneurship, and contributing to the overall objective of stimulating economic growth in the long-term. 

The Government of Maldives thanks UNDP for its efforts in securing the funding, and the Government of Japan for its grant aid. Japan continues to be an important bilateral development partner of the Maldives. Discussions are currently ongoing between the two Governments for a project to assist the Maldives to increase the capacities of health service providers in the country to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Earlier this month, the Government of Japan provided a grant of MVR 5,346,000 for UNICEF Maldives, and MVR 2,775,000 for Maldives Red Crescent to assist the Government of Maldives in its efforts to respond to COVID-19. 


Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maldives


02 May 2020


The Government of Japan has given an emergency grant of USD 356,400 for UNICEF and USD 185,000 for Maldives Red Crescent to assist the Government of Maldives in its efforts to respond to COVID-19.

The said grant will be utilized for procurement of medical equipment and consumables, and for providing technical assistance for the installation of new communications systems in various schools for online teaching programs and tele-classes.

The Government of Maldives expressed its appreciation to the Government and people of Japan for the timely assistance provided to the Maldives. This assistance will go a long way in complementing the existing efforts by the Government in combatting COVID-19.

Japan has been the most important bilateral development partner of the Maldives for several decades. It has helped the Maldives in education, infrastructure development, and climate change adaptation projects including the construction of the sea-wall around Male’. Japan was among the first countries to provide financial assistance to the Maldives in the immediate aftermath of 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.


Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maldives


25 March 2020: As a precautionary measure against the outbreak of COVID-19 Maldives Immigration has temporarily suspended on-arrival visa for all passengers arriving to Maldives by air and sea, effective from 27th March 2020, 00:00 hrs.

Individuals with special permission granted by the government will be exempt from this suspension. 

Please refer to our webpage on Covid-19 for further updates.

Covid-19 updates: https://maldivesembassy.jp/index.php/en/covid-19

Elections Commission of Maldives has opened invitation for interested parties to observe and monitor the Local Council Elections & Women Development Committee Election 2020 on 4th April 2020. The opening is from 20th February 2020 till 15th March 2020.

Interested parties may follow the link below to download the application form and other documents.

Application form and other documents

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