Authentic Maldives products launched under “One Village, One Product (OVOP)” program

Maldives Business Center Corporation has launched “Authentic Maldives” products in the Japanese market, under “One Village, One Product (OVOP) Market”.

In a statement released by the Maldives Business Center Corporation (BCC), registered under Ministry of Economic Development said that products under the brand, "Authentic Maldives" were introduced in collaboration with the Japan External Trade Corporation (JETRO).

Products were launched in a sales event held in the Tower KITTE, Tokyo, organized by the JETRO.

The sales event, on 24th December 2022, was attended by the Ambassador of Maldives to Japan H.E. Hassan Sobir, Deputy Ambassador Mohamed Ameeth and senior officials of JETRO.

"One Village One Product” is an initiative by JETRO, to provide the opportunity for countries to showcase/sell their national products at Narita airport and Kansai Airport. Several countries use this opportunity to promote various items. 

The Maldives Business Center Corporation states that Maldivian Products under Authentic Maldives brand will now be available at two outlets in Narita International Airport and Kansai International Airport in Japan. Products will also be displayed and made available in future sales events organized by JETRO in different parts of the country.

Embassy of Maldives in Japan played a facilitating role to introduce Maldivian local products as a part of the 'One Village, One Product' programme operated by the JETRO.

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