Foreign Secretary meets with Japan-Maldives Parliamentary League today

1 February 2017, Tokyo:

Foreign Secretary His Excellency Dr. Ali Naseer Mohamed met with Mr. Wataru Takeshita, President and Ms. Yuko Obuchi, Secretary General of Japan-Maldives Parliamentary League today in Tokyo during the Foreign Secretary’s official visit to Japan.

While remarking the 50th Anniversary of bilateral relationship between Maldives and Japan, the Foreign Secretary expressed gratitude for the continued support extended by the league and discussed on ways to strengthen the existing bilateral relationship between both countries. Further they exchanged views to further enhance the fisheries industry of Maldives.

Mr. Adam Hamid, chargé d'affaires of the Embassy of Japan Ms. Shazly Saleem, Second Secretary and Mr. Mohamed Shujau, Desk Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs accompanied Foreign Secretary to the meeting.


Source: News Release, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maldives.

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