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The Embassy of the Republic of Maldives participated in the “Minato-ku World Carnival” as a closing event of the 2-month long “Minato-ku World Festival” held by Minato City Government and Japan Tourist Bureau (JTB). At this event, the embassy gets to open a booth and promote about Maldives for the public to engage in. The event was held on Sunday, March 25th 2018 at Tokyo Tower.

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The Embassy of the Republic of Maldives participated in the 22nd Global Citizen Festa, which was held on February 25th in Odawara city with the theme “Travelling around the world at Odawara ~Touch and Enjoy~”. In order to be incorporated into the theme, the venue was designed as a "small world" with flags of countries around the world decorated all over the first floor of the hall. This event was held in purpose to promote internationalization and symbiotic society to the participants. 


The Embassy of Maldives participated in this event to promote Maldives and its culture by setting up a booth with wall decorations, table displays, panels, and guidebooks. Moreover, some gifts were also prepared for the guest such as tote bag with promotion book, wristbands, and a sample of coloring pictures for children.


This event was the perfect platform for cultural exchange and to thank Odawara City for their hospitality and efforts to facilitate the event. 

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The Embassy of the Republic of Maldives in Japan participated in the stamp rally event called Around the World in Minato City: Minato City Stamp Rally of Embassies and Diplomatic Missions, as a part of Minato City World Festival. Over 300 people visited the Embassy of Maldives to collect stamps and exchange information about the country. The event was held for 8 days in February 2018. 


During the stamp rally event, the embassy prepared displays for visitors to enjoy their visits, such as backdrops, traditional crafts, pamphlets, and giveaway in a form of a tote bag and promotional book. Besides cultural exchange, the embassy used this opportunity to express its gratitude to Minato City Government for facilitating the event. 


This was the fourth time for the Embassy of the Republic of Maldives to join Minato city's stamp rally. It was certainly a memorable experience for visitors and the embassy.